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Summary: How to get bonus parts, additional chapters, etc
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Betreff des Beitrags:  Summary: How to get bonus parts, additional chapters, etc

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Bild This is an English translation of our solutions list.
Bild Wenn du die deutsche Version dieser Liste lesen möchtest, klicke hier.

This is a partly translated overview of bonus actions and features that have been found out by the community. No credits to me for the findings, I only wrote this summary
Spoiler warning: If you want to discover the game's bonus elements (e.g. additional parts) yourself, don't read on!

If you find an error or want to contribute something, please write a Bild or contact me via Bild# 241417. Thanks!
Important: If you want to write me via ICQ using the ICQ button above, you must enter a valid email address, otherwise I won't receive your message!



Badges of the World Tour lab

Badges of the add-on lab (Back to the Shop)
Note that you won't get any bonus parts etc. by unlocking the add-on badges.

Bonus Chapters of the World Tour lab
Normally, a chapter remains greyed-out until 80% of the previous chapter (i. e. 8 of 10 experiments on the Wold Tour lab) are solved. There are, however, some bonus chapters which are completely invisible at the beginning and which have special unlock triggers:

  • Chapter 12 will be unlocked when all experiments of chapters 1 to 11 are solved.
  • Chapter 13 will be unlocked when all experiments of Chapters 1 to 12 have been solved at least with a silver cog (i. e. you must not have a bronze cog anywhere).
  • To unlock Chapter 14, you have to solve all experiments of Chapters 1 to 13 with a gold cog (i. e. you must not have a bronze or silver cog anywhere).
  • Chapter 15 can be accessed if you manage to solve all experimants of Chapter 14 with a gold cog.

Bonus Chapters of the addon lab (Back to the Shop)
  • Chapter 6 will be unlocked when all experiments of chapters 1 to 5 are solved with a gold cog.
  • Chapter 7 will be unlocked when all experiments of Chapter 6 have been solved with a gold cog.

Game Cheats
Important: It probably wasn't intended to disclose the cheats or even the fact that cheats exist. Due to several reasons, however, some were found out by the community and some have even been given away by the developers. Because they can already be found on several (currently mostly German) internet sites, we will also list them here.

Please note that some of the cheats are true spoilers, so decide carefully whether you really want to use them. Some of the other cheats are clearly meant for debugging only and may be useless or even lead to problems. Although there is no official statement from Viva Media on this, it is likely that you won't get support for issues related to the use of cheats. If you use the cheats, you do it on your own responsibility.

Note that there is no special input box or prompt. To activate a cheat, just type it in.

All bonus parts:
Enter GIMMEALL anywhere in the game to unlock all bonus parts. Note that this cheat cannot be undone for the current profile, and that you won't get the corresponding cups and badges.

Disco in the main menu:
Not a real cheat, but a gimmick: Enter ILOVEDISCO while you are in the main menu and you will see some changing colors, compareable to disco spotlights.

Unlimited reveal hints:
After you've entered FROGS anywhere in the game, you can reveal the official solution of a level as often as you wish. Note that the spotlight hints are still limited, though.

Use unlimited parts for own experiments:
Enter MOREELEMENTS while you are in editor mode and you can use an unlimited number of parts (overall and of each type).
Important: Only use this cheat for experiments that you are not going to upload to the online section. Experiments that run for you may not run for players that barely meet the minimum system requirements.
The German distributor has officially announced that labs where experiments exceed the part limit will not pass the check, i.e. will not be made available for download. It is rather likely that this is also true for the American distributor.

Solve all levels of a chapter with a bronze, silver, or gold cog:
In the experiment selection screen, select any level, then enter NOKARMA1 to solve all experiments of the currently selected chapter with a bronze cog. If you enter NOKARMA2, all levels will be solved with a silver cog. To solve all experiments with a gold cog, enter NOKARMA3. You can only "solve" whole chapters with these cheats, it is not possible to set the result of a single experiment this way.
Please note: If you use a solve cheat on chapter 1 of the World Tour lab, you can't get the Perfectionist badge any more, unless you reset that chapter.

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