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Autor:  crazyman=p [ 11.01.2009, 09:31 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  heeeeeelp

i just bought crazy machines 2 and it always crashes at the loading gears, the gears still move round but you cant exit without holding down power on the computer and it turning offf,i thought it could be loading but ve left it for hours to no effect =( plaz help

Autor:  belab [ 11.01.2009, 09:53 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: heeeeeelp

in your crazy machines 2 directory, there is a cm2.log file. open it with a text editor and copy&past the content here. then i could find an error message and other information to solve your problem.

Autor:  crazyman=p [ 11.01.2009, 10:12 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: heeeeeelp

---- faktum Version 1.3.0296 ---------------------------------------------------
[Init] Initializing faktum core...
[Init] Command line: "c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\crazy machines 2\cm2.exe"
[Init] Time: Sunday, January 11, 2009 08:44:55
[Init] Timer frequency: 3579545 Hz
[Init] 1 CPU detected:
[Init] CPU 0: Pentium IV (0.13 m) @ 1991.92 MHz
[Init] RAM: 1024 MB
[Init] OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)
[Init] faktum core initialized.
Application: Initializing...
[Init] Crazy Machines II 1.05.0385
[Init] Loading cursors...
[Init] Cursors loaded.
[Init] Loading plugins...
[Init] Loaded 'plugins/base.dll' (D0059206-5EF2-4BF4-92E3-BEC99DA82199, 207 elements, 15 themes).
[Init] 1 plugin(s) loaded.
[Init] Loading lab libraries...
[Init] Loading profiles...
[Init] Initializing HTTP client...
[Init] HTTP client initialized.
[Init] Initializing faktum game...
Game: Creating main viewport...
Game: Setting up input device...
Enum Controllers ...
Enum Controllers complete...
FInputDeviceDI8: IME Input disabled
Game: Setting up graphics device...
[Init] Initializing DirectX 9 graphics device...
[Init] Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
[Init] Vertex shader version: 2.0
[Init] Pixel shader version: 2.0
[Init] Texture register count: 8
[Init] Maximum texture size: 4096 x 4096
[Init] DirectX 9 graphics device initialized.
Game: Setting up sound device...
Game: Initializing renderer...
Application: Starting main loop...
[Error] PhysX: Unable to find the PhysX libraries. The PhysX drivers are not installed correctly.

Autor:  crazyman=p [ 11.01.2009, 10:44 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: heeeeeelp

i have installed physx driver but the same thing happens

Autor:  belab [ 11.01.2009, 12:15 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: heeeeeelp

crazyman=p hat geschrieben:
i have installed physx driver but the same thing happens

did you installed the LATEST Physx Driver ?

SteamForum hat geschrieben:
Anyway, I finally fixed it. Installing new PhysX drivers over the old ones didn't work; I needed to uninstall them from the Control Panel, then install the standalone PhysX 8.10.13 package.

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