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level 20 crazy machines 'new' challeges' electric spider
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Autor:  kkq [ 02.01.2006, 15:55 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  level 20 crazy machines 'new' challeges' electric spider

i'm at a total loss. i dont understand how this level works, i have to connect all kinds of electrical cables between a board , battery and a couple of lamps and lighting machines. but i cannot make it work. please give the sollution, so i can move on with this fun game!

thanx a lot!

Autor:  PIGSgrame [ 02.01.2006, 16:01 ]
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This one is actually not that hard, but it's difficult to explain and hard to properly understand from a screenshot. You have to make sure that the battery provides power for all of the boards by connectiong one after the other. Finally, use remaining free sockets to connect to the lamps and the lighting machines.

Have a thorough look at this solution, maybe it helps...

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